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The Northernmost Student Theatre of Finland

The Student Theatre of Lapland was founded 1980 in Rovaniemi, Finland. After many years ”on the road” we finally got the brilliant theatre building Wiljami in year 1992. Wiljami is an ex-cinematheatre with lot´s of space – both to the audience with almost 200 seats and our theater activist to perform. We are an amateur theatre, which means we don’t have any paid staff. We don’t seek economical advantage, the theatre lives mostly from our ticket sales profit and sometime sponsors. Income from the plays go to our next productions and maintenance.

Most of our members are students but we still have a good variety of people (anyone over 18 is welcome to apply to us).  Our members don’t (usually) have any higher theatre education, and we learn by working together, trying new things – and sometime we get to pick up new skills from professionals through collaborations and courses. Many of our previous members have made theatre their profession: they work as actors, directors and technicians in several city theatres in Finland.

We have 3 – 5 plays per year, with one or two bigger projects. Sometimes we even have travelling shows!

If you are interested in our activities, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Please note that our plays and activities are spoken only in Finnish.